Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell products outside of the United States?

  • We do sell internationally through a network of distributors. To inquire about how to obtain our products outside of the U.S., please email

I sell coffee to my customers and want to bring your products in. How can I?

  • Businesses such as coffee shops or hotels that want to offer our products to their customers should create a free wholesaler account at Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to browse our entire catalog and make purchases directly through our online store.

I am an individual, who wants to use your products at home. Can I make a purchase?

  • Individual consumers may purchase our products through Amazon. Our wholesale site is strictly for business customers.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

  • Orders $279 or more that are placed online automatically qualify for free shipping. We may also provide discounts or coupon codes for you to obtain free shipping, but these discounts are only given out at our own discretion.

Do you run promotions, discounts, or specials?

  • We do regularly run promotions on a variety of different products. Customers eligible for promotions will receive an email at the address the provided upon signing up. We also occasionally list promotions at the top of our home page.

Can I sample your products before buying them?

  • We do offer free samples to prospective customers under a few conditions. You must be a business who intends to use our products to create specialty coffee beverages which you will in turn sell to customers. Your business must not have ordered our products in the past, and must be located within the continental U.S. or Alaska. The legitimacy of your business will be verified through online search, and we may place a phone call to your business to confirm accuracy of the information provided.

Modern Oats Statement on Glyphosate

  • We produce Modern Oats using oats from our longtime supplier.  Our supplier has assured us that it tests its raw oats for pesticide and herbicide residues on a scheduled frequency and, historically, has not had a positive result or detectable level in the sampling.  Additionally, our supplier’s supplier of raw oats has committed publicly that, as of harvest 2015, it will no longer accept any oats and/or oat products which have been treated with glyphosate.

Are you oats "Purity Protocol" oats?

  • While the requirements of the Purity Protocol are excellent for reducing the risk of gluten contamination from wheat, rye, barley, and their hybrids and related grains, these steps do not remove the requirement that the final product be verified as containing less than 20 ppm gluten in order to be labeled gluten‐free, or less than 10 ppm gluten to be certified gluten‐free by GFCO. Our GF certified oats are consistently Elisa tested under 10 parts/million. We are certified by the GF certification program endorsed by the Canadian Celiac Association and Beyond Celiac.

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