At MOCAFÉ™, we transform your café into a destination for flavor, offering over 40 gourmet frappes and smoothies, including our spring-inspired Thai teas, that guarantee customer delight and repeat visits. Elevate your menu and profits with our signature, hand-crafted café drinks.

Matcha Green Tea Latte

Experience our award winning blend of Kyoto MOCAFE™ Matcha Green Tea. 

This delicious blend of real shade grown Japanese Matcha is perfect for healthy green tea or blended latte. MOCAFE™ has captured the authentic taste of real shade grown Japanese matcha green tea by using only the finest ceremonial grade matcha around. One taste and you will understand why our MOCAFE™ Matcha Green Tea Frappe is the number one green tea matcha frappe on the market today!

Thai Tea Latte

A creamy cool blend of bold Darjeeling black tea, anise and other exotic, fragrant spices used to make delicious authentic MOCAFE™ Thai iced tea. Can be made with milk, oat milk, or other creamy alternatives. Best served cold or blended with ice for a cold refreshing experience.

Premium Japanese Matcha

Can be Enjoyed Hot, Cold, or Ice Blended

Made with Bold Darjeeling Black Tea

Best Served Cold or Ice Blended

Perfect Blend of Spices

Best Served Hot with Milk (or Milk Alternative)

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For the Lingering Chill Days

Divinity Spiced Chai

Authentic, original naturally intoxicating blend of fresh ginger, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, wild flower honey and estate-grown Darjeeling black tea.

Divinity Vanilla Chai

Celebrate eternal life: Partake in the Precious Divinity Vanilla Chai. A potent concoction of fragrant spices, Madagascar vanilla and rare estate-grown tea.

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