Café Spotlight: Axum Coffee

Café Spotlight: Axum Coffee

We all agree, your morning cup of coffee makes you feel good. But when you combine that cup of coffee with a charitable cause, you feel great. Down in Winter Garden, Florida, there’s a café that can help you do just that.

Started in 2010, Axum Coffee has vaulted itself into the coffee scene by making delicious coffee, tasty breakfasts, and donating profits to charitable causes. As an added bonus, they’re also pretty talented latte artists that will make your latte look as good as it tastes. Don’t just take our word for it, check out one of their masterpieces below!


We caught up with the Director of Operations, Suzanne, to ask her all about what it’s like running one of the hot coffee spots in town.

How and when did Axum Coffee get started?

“Axum opened its door Dec 2, 2010. We give all of our profit away to local, national and international organizations doing humanitarian work. This year we are supporting Charity: Water.” 

What’s the most rewarding part of running the shop?

“I love my staff and try my best to take good care of them. I do love hearing guests make comments about how much they enjoy our drinks and food too…”

What do you think sets Axum apart from the rest?

“We serve excellent products but do it without pretension. We are friendly!”


How have you tied the Charcoal powder into your menu?

“It started as a seasonal drink, but it has been so well received it’s stayed on as a very long seasonal drink offering…”

It’s a unique product, do people act pretty skeptical of it before trying? What about after trying it?

“People are wary of drinking something black, but once they try it they love it.”

Your Instagram boasts some pretty impressive latte art photos. How did your baristas learn this tough skill?

“I’m so blessed by my staff’s genuine passion for coffee. Lots of them are self-motivated to learn. But, my trainer, Ivan, also gets them started when he trains on bar.” 

Anything else you want to say about your shop or the industry?

“We love the coffee business, from the farm to the bar. We hope to continue down our path of Coffee & Kindness for years to come.” 

We all have lots of options to grab our morning cup of joe. Some of us opt for the closest shop we can find, or one of the corporate chains. However, those of us who demand quality & compassion seek out the diamonds in the rough. We here at MOCAFE™ believe that Axum is just that, a diamond in the rough.

The next time you find yourself wandering through Winter Garden, make a pitstop at Axum Coffee for a Charcoal Mocha. Your mind, body, and conscious will thank you.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram: @AxumCoffee

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