MATCHATA LATTE (Matcha + Horchata)
Makes 16 fl. oz. serving. INGREDIENTS: 1 scoop of MOCAFE™ Mexican Horchata Mix 1 scoop of MOCAFE™ Matcha Green Tea Mix 4 oz. of cold Milk or milk alternative 12 oz. Ice 2 oz. of espresso DIRECTIONS:  Add 1 scoop MOCAFE™ Matcha...
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White Chocolate Matcha Frappe
Explore the flavours of Japan with our Matcha & White Chocolate Frappe recipe. This is an icy beverage that’s sweet, earthy and subtle, making it a perfect choice no matter your mood.
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Matcha Latte
One taste and you will understand why our MOCAFE™ Matcha Green Tea Frappe is the number one green tea matcha frappe on the market today!
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