Honeydew Milk Tea
Exotic Bubble-teas, in an easy to use mix. Delicious non-coffee frappe made from real honeydew extracts. Your customers will sip their way to summer bliss! INGREDIENTS: 2 Scoops MOCAFE™ Honeydew Fruit Smoothie Mix 8 oz. of cold Milk or dairy...
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Irish Dream Smoothie
Made with the luck of the Irish! A tasty non-alcoholic beverage blended with MOCAFE™ All Natural Madagascar Vanilla Base mix, coffee, and Irish cream flavors. Great to celebrate for St. Patty's, or just for that random sweet tooth craving.
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Iced Mint Chocolate Mocha
 INGREDIENTS 2 Scoops (8 tbsp.) of MOCAFE Chocolate Mint Mocha Frappe 6 oz. of milk or milk alternative 12 oz. of ice Whipped Cream Chocolate drizzle DIRECTIONS In a blender, add 2 Scoops (8 tbsp.) of MOCAFE Chocolate Mint Mocha Frappe, to...
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